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[Level 1] Tower Defense Strategy guide : Old Concession
12-14-2011, 11:47 PM (This post was last modified: 12-15-2011 12:00 AM by Rafarel.)
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Video [Level 1] Tower Defense Strategy guide : Old Concession
Here is a gameplay video of Claytus Hood Tower Defense on the first level from the original game, Old Concession.
Don't hesitate to share your own gameplay videos on the forum !

The towers / weapons:

Old Concession in an introductory level with three turrets available.
The placement of your turrets will be determining to achieve victory, so here is a guide of the turrets available in the Old Concession level.

Machinegun :

[Image: paper_machinegun_lvl_1.png]
The machinegun is a polyvalent weapon at a moderate cost (100 coins) that can target ground enemies as well as flying ones.
Its middle shooting range allows you to place it a tile away from the side of the path.
Its shooting rate is high but it can only shoot one target at once, causing low physical damage.
You can upgrade this turret at is intermediate power for 150 coins in the Old Concession Level.
It will improve its power, range and shooting rate !

Shotgun :

[Image: paper_shotgun_lvl_1.png]
The shotgun is a very powerful weapon at an intermediate cost (150 coins).
It is able to hit several ground enemies at the same time, its shooting range is displayed in a cone that indicates you precisely where it'll shoot.
Its range is short, so you'd better build it on the sides of the paths, it is particularily efficient in angles.
Damage inflicted by this weapon is big and of a physical type, but it takes pretty long time to reload.
The shotgun conferes you a multi-kill bonus if you eliminate several enemies at once !
In the Old Concession level, you can't upgrade this turret, so think well about where you place it to make sure that its efficiency is maximized.

Dung barrel :

[Image: paper_dunghill_lvl_1.png]
The dung barrel isn't a damaging weapon, it's a dispositive that slows enemies down.
As soon as an enemy enters its range zone, it's slowed down for a while.
Those turrets are very efficient when placed near of offensive turrets like shotgun or machinegun.
It gathers enemies together and slows them down, which can double the efficiency of a shotgun that takes a long time reloading !

Strategy :

There's a unique path in Old Concession, which will make things easier for you, as all of the enemies go the same way, and you'll see next that it's not always how it works...
The first waves are quite easy and slow and the enemies don't have much health points.
I personally begin with placing a shotgun right from the start, then I build several machineguns on the left of the grass so that they can shoot on both sides !
For the fifth wave, you'd better build a dung barrel, surrounded by two or three shotguns, as woodlice are slow but tanky !
The difficulty is getting higher and higher in the rest of the level, but no traps on this map, if your turrets are well-placed and you don't spend your coins as soon as you've earned them, it should all go well !

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