What's Claytus Hood Tower Defense ?

Claytus Hood TD is an indie online strategy game.

On a Tower Defense map, there's a path that enemies will try to cover, goal being to stop them by building defense turrets along their path.

You're going to have to spend your coins to buy your defenses. Each time you kill an enemy, you earn coins that you can then reinvest into new defenses, enemy waves becoming stronger and stronger as you move forward into the game.

When an enemy reaches its goal, you lose health points.
If your health achieves zero, you lose the game.

What does Claytus bring to Tower Defense ?

Claytus'game design is quite similar to classical Tower Defense games.
The realization has been extremely meticulous, for the game itself as for graphic design and soundtrack.

Claytus brings a community side to Tower Defense world with its website, forum and level editor, gamers being able to create their own levels and to share them with the community.

How can I become a part of Claytus community ?

You're going to have to create a free account.

Once you're signed in, community allows you to comment and rate all of the levels created by other gamers that you have played to.

Indeed, to be able to comment or rate a level, not only will you have to be logged in, but also to dispose of a saved score on this level.

You can also become one of Claytus Hood Tower Defense level designers by creating and sharing your own levels. Will you be able to build yourself a reputation among Tower Defense gamers ?

What's the Premium status ?

Premium members benefit from a complete and unlimited access to whatever Claytus Hood Tower Defense and its level editor can offer.

How to become a Premium member ?

In your profile options, key in your license key.
If you don't have a license key yet, you can get one into the shop, the license is sold 50% off during Claytus Hood Tower Defense's beta testing.

What's a Premium level ?

A Premium level is a level in which exclusive Premium scenes, turrets, enemies and functionalities are used/activated.

As a Premium member, can I realize non-Premium levels ?

Yes, you will just have to use exclusively free functionalities for its conception.

In what limit can I play Premium levels ?

If you own a license, you benefit from an unlimited access to any level.

If you don't have a license, you can play up to five games per day on Premium levels of your choosing.

As soon as you click on the "Start Level" button, the game is counted as played. The game counter is reinitialized each day at midnight, Paris timezone (GMT + 2:00).