Release of Claytus' new website and level editor

High-angle shot of Claytus, rifle on his shoulder

Time for evolution : Claytus Hood Tower Defense goes modern and invests the web with a brand-new website !

No worries : first three levels from the original game are still here, but a bunch of new ones has joined them, to be discovered on the shared levels page.

The main improvement of this new website is the Tower Defense level editor.

You got it right : from now on, after creating a free account, you can design your own levels thanks to a gallery of items that you can place on your scene.

After setting up the stage, you will have to create your own waves of enemies : define their speed, delay, strength...
Finished your level ? You can now choose to share it : it will then be visible and playable by any user of Claytus Hood Tower Defense website.

And we're not done here : other connected players will be able to rate and comment your level, in order to allow you to improve it.

The use of several functionalities and levels is restricted to Premium members : licenses are sold 50% off during beta-testing!

Remember : when you buy a license, you unlock full Claytus Hood Tower Defense content, and contribute financing the game development!

Thanks & have fun !


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